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Marke: ????
Model: ????
Länge: keine Angabe
Gewicht: keine Angabe
Seriennummer: keine Angabe
Letzter Vorbesitzer: Jo Ossa, Heidelberg
Im Museum dank: - der Geschenkeshop für Boarder
Im Museum seit: 10. Juni 2013



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  • Kommentar "That looks a lot like a 'snowtech' or 'Flite' brand of board from 1981-82. The bindings would be wrong for the Flite, but close to the Snowtech without the heel-cup-strap part. Any signs on the base, or near the fin mounts top-side? Look for a serial # there-abouts... Other possible makes would be Sims, as an early (1980-81) proto, a Barfoot one-off from '81-'82, or a Pogo copy of the above from '81-'83, when the Euro community first discovered us snowboarders. Serial #'s will be key, but any other hints, such as using U.S. threads in the binding mounts, will help find it's origins! "P.S.R.""
    von Eric Brammer am 30. November 2014 06:12:07 CET


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