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Jacks "Pick Me Up"

Jacks Pick Me Up
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Marke: Jacks
Model: Pick Me Up
Länge: keine Angabe
Gewicht: keine Angabe
Seriennummer: keine Angabe
Letzter Vorbesitzer: Chris B., Freudenstadt
Im Museum dank: LIGHT-BOARDS - der Geschenkeshop für Snowboarder
Im Museum seit: 14. August 2013



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  • Kommentar "This is an '89 model. I got one from Paul Graves, as a gift in late '88. It came unmounted, with only a very thin titanal plate to mount to. This board is why I designed the 'round-wedged' insert(think, spill-proof coffee mug, flanged base!), so that MY bindings wouldn't just pop off the board, mid-turn, or on landing a jump! We made the first inserts at a local (Springfield, VT) machine shop, and got the process for making them from Aluminum figured out. I had about 20 boards mounted with them, just to test the idea out, the Jack's got a Burton 5-hole 200mm X 51mm pattern put in it using 18 insets at 47.5 cm centered about 5omm aft of the center-of-sidecut. This made for a decent soft-snow powder board, but it carved oddly, perhaps we were too far back?, but the tail felt really soft+short. I kept it around for 5 years, then sold it off, using it mostly for backcountry or deep-snow days. Nice board, light, nimble, with good build quality, but lacking flex profile/sidecut fore-thought. "P.S.R.""
    von Eric Brammer am 30. November 2014 07:16:06 CET


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