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Barfoot "Team Freestyle"

Barfoot Team Freestyle
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Marke: Barfoot
Model: Team Freestyle
Saison: '90/'91
Länge: 155cm
Gewicht: keine Angabe
Seriennummer: keine Angabe
Letzter Vorbesitzer: Martina Heintz, Wassenberg
Im Museum dank: - der Geschenkeshop für Snowboarder
Im Museum seit: 15. Juli 2014


  • Barfoot Team Freestyle


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  • Kommentar "These were great boards for the day! Very versatile, light, and tough. The only issues were the stance width options (too narrow yet), and the plastics of the bindings (though better than Sims in flex/comfort). My Ravine 171 saw use for over a decade, and rode powder very well, while carving decently too."
    von Eric Brammer am 6. Januar 2015 02:59:49 CET


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