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Snurfer "Super Racing Model"

Snurfer Super Racing Model
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Marke: Snurfer
Model: Super Racing Model
Länge: 118cm
Gewicht: 0.000kg
Seriennummer: keine Angabe
Letzter Vorbesitzer: Al Ernest Coleman, USA
Im Museum dank: - der Geschenkeshop für Boarder
Im Museum seit: 31. Mai 2009


dieser Snurfer hing in 2011/2012 fast ein Jahr als Leihgabe im Rahmen der Dauerausstellung "Auf die Plätze - Sport und Gesellschaft" im Deutschen Hygienemuseum in Dresden - in Deutschland war lt. Angaben der Verantwortlichen kein anderer Snurfer aufzutreiben


  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model
  • Snurfer Super Racing Model


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  • Kommentar "I owned three of the Snurfers, only one was made into a carving board. The other two were of the yellow/black paint, with carpet staples to hold your feet on. The third was modified by my dad and myself, to have three fins, aluminum edge-angle along the sides to give it hard-snow grip, rubber bike intertubes to hold the feet, and a base layer of pre-preg fiberglass to add speed. It retained the nose rope for soft snow, and I gave it to Paul Graves as a thank you for the Nationals Race at Suicide Six in 1982. It's likely the only tri-fin Snurfer with bindings and a new base layer ever, but it worked! I gotta give my Dad, a mining engineer, credit, for making my design, at 17 yrs. along, presentable and functional! If not for him, I would've been only a carpenter!"
    von Eric Brammer am 13. Januar 2015 05:51:31 CET
  • Kommentar "Good day! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok. I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts."
    von Mazie am 19. März 2021 02:10:40 CET


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